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You Need a Website!

For this fortnight’s instalment we’re talking about why you absolutely need a website.

As a UK business owner, you may not know how to create a website...

Maybe you’ve already got customers and don’t think you need it...

Only 71% of small businesses have an online presence in the UK. If you’re part of the28% of businesses without a website, you should seriously consider getting one!

As always, BIG is here to help. We have a trusted team of engineers who can understand your ideas and put it into the technical language needed to create your website.

Reasons why you should have a website:

1.It makes your business look professional. Have you ever googled a business around the corner, only to find out they don’t have a website. What are your first thoughts? Something seems off!

2.You can use search engines (like Google) to attract customers.

3.You can easily update your customers on your latest offers and new services and products.

4.Add a subscription button, and your customers can sign up to your newsletter. Easy and cheap marketing!

5.Your competitor most likely has a website. Customers searching for the product or service you offer will be directed to them!

You may be thinking “I can’t really afford to build a website”. At BIG we can only tell you, “You can’t afford not to have one”. We are passionate about growing businesses and this includes attracting customers who love your offering. Need a new website? Contact us now!

The BIG Team

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